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8 PROGRAM NEWS LIFE WITHOUT OBSTACLES Rabia Tufan an influential Christian in social justice and womens issues in Turkey presents Life Without Obstacles on SAT-7 TRK. She explains that one episode features a gifted blind artist whose beautiful drawings astonish viewersThe message is that we all have disabilities but that there is hope in every situation because we have hope in God. NICE TALK IN AZERI DIALECT SAT-7 TRK began airing Nice Talk its first program in the Azeri dialect spoken by26 million people in six countries. Presented by Aygn Camsun the worship sermons and testimonies are touching Azerbaijanis in their heart language. FOOTNOTES OF HISTORY Footnotes of History presents Turkeys rich biblical history including the Apostle Pauls ministry and the Seven Churches of Revelation. Erhan Yesilrmak and Marc Madrigal host this series uncovering stories of the Church Fathers and Church history. PROPHECY BOOKS IN THE HOLY BIBLE Christians who want to deepen their biblical knowledge are tuning in to Prophecy Books in the Holy Bible. Uur Sakesen a local pastor in Istanbul teaches viewers on this subject. ONE OF US Turkey is a crossroads between Europe and the Middle East hosting millions of refugees as well as a tiny but growing Christian minority. A new program called One ofUs shares biographies of people from diverse ethnicities living in Turkey aiming to build new bridges of friendship. From the program Nice Talk in Azeri dialect. Right On the set of the new Turk program Prophecy Books in the Holy Bible.