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5 Shining brightly through the darkness is a beam of hope that presents Jesus Christ the Lightaccessible to tens of millions who cannot hear the Good News in any other way. The Middle East and North Africa are beset by conditions worse than anytime since World War II. ISIS is a barbaric part of the problem. Syria remains at war with itself counting over two hundred thousand dead. Iran is dangerous whatever the countrys intentions. Several Arab countries are borderline failed states. Refugees and internally displaced people number in the millions. Some 20 million children are not in school and face little hope of schooling anytime soona recipe for humanitarian disaster and a breeding ground for future radicalized recruits. Into this turmoil SAT-7 broadcasts Christian programming with messages of encouragement love tolerance morality and respect for life liberty and worship. This is not to be underestimated. In the West we simply do not understand what it is like to live daily under dark clouds of oppression stifled opportunity destruction or crushing despair. This annual report is simply a snapshot but it suggests how vital and effective SAT-7s ministry is for this moment in history. SAT-7 is positioned experienced and ableonly lacking more resources to introduce more people to the Light of the World. Thank you for your generous support for SAT-7s ministry of reconciliation touching Arab Persian and Turkish hearts. For Middle East HOPE Dr. Rex Rogers President SAT-7 North America LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT