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4 Thank you for your kingdom investment. For SAT-7 this was a year of change and some remarkable advances. Let me tell you more about whats happening in our ministry SAT7 TRK was awarded a broadcast license by the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council RTK and just a few hours before the end of the year was able to secure a television channel on the new government- regulated Trksat 4A satellite. This is first time that any Christian channel has been allowed onto Trksat. Beautiful new studios for SAT7 in Lebanon were dedicated in November by the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Raii. This greatly increases the capacity of the team in Lebanon to produce new programs for SAT7 ARABIC and SAT7 KIDS. SAT7 PARS appointed a new Executive Director Rev. Mansour Khajehpour. He replaced Sara Afshari who left to pursue her doctorate at the University of Edinburgh after investing a very significant 12 years building up SAT-7 PARS from a few hours a week of broadcasting to a full 247 channel. As we look ahead to the coming year we have several goals investing in the future of the Church in the Middle East and North Africa. See pages 2627 to find out more. This Annual Report can only scratch the surface of all the good things that the Lord is doing across the different offices and channels but I do pray that you will be encouraged both by reading it and through your much appreciated strategic partnership with us. In His Love Dr. Terence Ascott Founder and CEO SAT7 LETTER FROM THE CEO