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30 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Dr. Terence Ascott SAT-7 Founder and CEO Rev. Dr. Habib Badr SAT-7 International Council Chairman Senior Pastor National Evangelical Church of Beirut and lecturer in church history at the Near East School of Theology Rev. Dr. Safwat El Baiady SAT-7 International Council Vice-Chairman Retiring President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the General Secretary of the Synod of the Nile Makram Barsoum Acting Chairman SAT7 Canada Dr. Mike Bassous General Secretary The Lebanese Bible Society Representing The United Bible Society Melih Ekener Executive Director for SAT7 TRK Rita Elmounayer Executive Director for SAT7s Arabic Channels David Ezzine SAT7 Partners Representative Irn Frnd SAT7 CFO Billy Hellmark Chairman SAT7 Partnership Council Fr. Dr. Michel Jalakh General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches MECC Tamar Karasu Executive Secretary The Bible Society of Turkey Chairperson of SAT7 TRK Board Roy Kemp SAT-7 International Council Treasurer Chairman SAT-7 Trust in UK Rev. Mansour Khajehpour Executive Director for SAT7 PARS His Grace Bishop Marcos Coptic Orthodox Bishop for the Diocese of Shoubra El Kheima in Cairo Egypt David Middleton Executive Director for SAT7 TRK in UK Rev. Timo Reuhkala Chairman SAT7 Europe Board Archbishop Sebouh Sarkissian Armenian Archbishop of Tehran Archbishop Paul Sayah Vicar General to the Maronite Patriarch Peter B. Schulze Chairman SAT7 USA Board Venerable Canon Bill Schwartz OBE The Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf Rev. Ashton T. Stewart Chairman SAT-7 PARS Board Brother Ziya SAT-7 International Council Secretary Turkish academic and writer Not pictured Archbishop Avak Asadourian General Secretary Council of Christian Church Leaders in Iraq Rev. Dr. Merhdad Fatehi Founder and Executive Director Pars Theological College Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim Metropolitan of Aleppo Syrian Orthodox Church Dr Moez Professor of Philosophy Church Pastor in a North African country Caroline Tautz Vice President of an international news agency slaug Ihle Thingns SAT7 Partners Representative