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22 21 3 STUDIOS UPDATE BEIRUT LEBANON SAT7 International partners and staff celebrated the grand opening of a multi-studio building for SAT7 Lebanon in November 2014. The ceremony took place under the patronage of the Patriarch of the Maronite Church. Deputies from the Lebanese parliament government and military officials and church leaders from different denominations were also in attendance. SAT7 Lebanon was established in 1996 and was the networks first production center. Initially the facility had only 1076 square feet of studio space. The new building has three studio spaces with a total area of almost 10763 square feet CAIRO EGYPT Thanks to the generosity of a few donors SAT-7 Egypt has acquired a new Outside Broadcast OB Van and a new facility generator eliminating production slowdowns during Cairos frequent power cuts. The office has already started to use the cameras at the studio while the outfitting of the OB Van is being finalized. Some of the other new equipment has also been set up for use in the Upper Room Studio during live and pre-recorded program production. This will enable SAT7 Egypt to utilize both its video studios and go live six times a week eventually going live eleven times a week. As soon as the new OB Van is ready it will be used for broadcasting both live programs from various locations around Egypt and programs from inside the SAT7 studios. The audio room at the studio has also undergone a dramatic renovation improving both the space and professional functionality of the room. ISTANBUL TURKEY In 2014 SAT-7 TRK was broadcasting exclusively online. The team launched its first live show and made preparations for the launch of the satellite TV channel which took place early in 2015. Because of the generosity of our donors SAT-7 TRK was able to New Beirut Lebanon studio.