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2 4 Letter from the SAT-7 CEO 5 Letter from the SAT-7 USA President 6 SAT-7 TRK Channel Update 8 SAT-7 TRK Program News 10 SAT-7 PARS Channel Update 12 SAT-7 PARS Program News 14 SAT-7 KIDS Channel Update 16 SAT-7 KIDS Program News 18 SAT-7 ARABIC Channel Update 20 SAT-7 ARABIC Program News 22 Studio Update 24 SAT-7 Staff 25 SAT-7 Partners 26 Long-Term Goals 27 2015 Goals 28 Finances 30 International Council 31 SAT-7 USA Board of Directors CONTENTS Established in 1995 SAT7 today broadcasts in Arabic Farsi and Turkish using the powerful tools of uncensored satellite television and social media. Through multiple channels SAT7 ARABIC SAT7 PLUS SAT7 KIDS SAT7 PARS and SAT7 TRK it brings the hope of the Gospel to millions of viewers in the Middle East and North Africa and seeks to support the life and witness of the regions 17 million Christians. Front cover A SAT7 presenter Essam Nagy met 10 year old Myriam in a refugee camp in Kurdistan Iraq. She told her story and asked him to carry her message about forgiveness out to the world. Afterwards the video clip with Myriam went viral online. Watch the clip here httpsyoutu.bedzLXM_zo2e8. OUR VISION To see a growing church in the Middle East and North Africa confident in Christian faith and witness serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture. OUR MISSION To provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational informative and educational television services.