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16 PROGRAM UPDATE STORIES IN THE SAND An innovative program on SAT7 KIDS tells Bible parables using the creative talents of Egypts first- ever sand artist. In Stories in the Sand artist Michael Romany brings parables to life by hand-designing sand on a glass-lit box. See an episode here BIBLE HEROES Children love heroes and the Bible has the best Thats why SAT7 KIDS launched a game show called Bible Heroes. In each episode presenters Ayzar from Aleppo Syria and Karen from Lebanon introduce a story about a hero in the Bible. Viewers phone in to answer quiz questions. Find out more CHILDS ON-AIR PRAYER IS AN INSPIRATION Sometimes the most sincere words come from the mouth of a child. Viewers were touched in the fall when ten-year-old Egyptian believer Mario called the program Why Is That to pray. Marios compassion led him to share his burden for Iraqis who continue to face daily horrific violence a poor economy and a failing infrastructure. See the prayer here FRESH FILMING FOR BEDTIME STORIES SAT-7 recorded new episodes of our childrens program Bedtime Stories keeping viewers both little and grown engaged with Gods Word. Bedtime Stories is one of the longest running and most popular programs on SAT7. Children from Morocco to Iraq have grown up watching presenter Rita Elmounayer teach stories from the Bible. BEIRUT MALL VISIT Over Christmas SAT7 KIDS had four live programs with refugee children broadcast from a mall in Beirut. Many of the kids have suffered greatly this past year. SAT7 KIDS staff spent the day with them brought them gifts and sang with them. Ayzar left and Karen right presenters in the game show Bible Heroes.