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14 CHANNEL UPDATE MEETING SPECIAL NEEDS In the Middle East there is less social awareness and fewer accommodations for people with disabilities. In February 2014 the SAT-7 Lebanon studio received a visit from The Blessed School whose students have special needs such as Autism Downs Syndrome and learning disabilities. SAT-7 later visited the school to film a performance the kids put on for their mothers and installed a satellite dish so the children can watch SAT-7 KIDS. Find out more ON-AIR SCHOOL FOR SYRIAN REFUGEES According to UN figures there are now more than 20 million Arab children out of school. In response to this need SAT-7 KIDS created a daily school on-air to provide basic education and bring hope to the millions of Syrian and Iraqi children displaced by war. SAT-7 producers partnered with Heart for Lebanon to prepare an Arabic English and Math curriculum. Get the full story SMALL FAN VISITS SAT-7 EGYPT Some of the tiniest SAT-7 viewers are also the most devoted like Fares a three-year-old Egyptian boy. His parents Fady and Marian are so enthusiastic about their sons love for the channel that they drove more than an hour to visit the SAT-7 studio in Cairo. Fady says watching SAT-7 KIDS has been a way to run away from all the noise around us. BECAUSEGODISLOVE SAT-7 made a campaign on social media titled BecauseGodIsLove. The campaign sends a message of love to those who are in pain reminding the world that GOD is LOVE. The Facebook page has attracted almost 18000 likes. ESSAM MEETS IRAQI REFUGEES Essam Nagy presenter of Why is That visited displaced Iraqi children at a refugee camp in Kurdistan in December. Essam was struck bythe warm welcome the SAT-7 crew received. He said The moment we entered the camp the kids came running and took me by the hand and we sat talked prayed and laughed. He interviewed a number of youngsters about what they went through as their community came under attack by Islamic State militants. A ten-year-old girl Myriam whose family had been forced from their home told Essam that she will ask God to forgive IS.