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13 BIG PLANS FOR SMALL PEOPLE Over half of the Farsi speaking world is under the age of 24 making childrens programs a beacon for the future of the region. The SMILE program for three to eight-year-old kids gained a sister program called SMILE Magazinefor nine to thirteen-year-old preteens. This serves the ministrys long-term goal of launching a 24-hour channel for Farsi speaking children. PRIORITIZING WOMENS MINISTRY SAT-7 PARS produced several new womens programs including second seasons of Dialogue and True Woman. The team also produced the first seasons of Experience and Fundamentals of Happiness a short comic drama with Rev. Saro Khachikian teaching Christian family ethics. These programs support the regions female audience who face both legal and social injustices. DARI DIALECT SHOW GOES LIVE Secret of Life a Dari dialect program for Afghans became a weekly live one-hour program. This live program encourages more viewers to interact with show presenters which is a welcome move since many Dari speaking Christians are isolated and seekers cannot easily find churches. CHANDELIER SEESSECOND SEASON The youth program Chandelier wasso popular that a second series of forty episodes was produced. This is a very attractive influential and well-written social impact program. SHINING A LIGHT ON PERSECUTION In December 2014 SAT-7 PARS produced a new program titled The Suffering Church with Rev. Edward Hovsepian and Rev. Albert Aslan. Both pastors have a long history of leading the persecuted church of Iran. This program shows Gods presence and church growth in the midstof suffering.