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1 SAT7 Annual Report 2014 2 4 Letter from the SAT-7 CEO 5 Letter from the SAT-7 USA President 6 SAT-7 TRK Channel Update 8 SAT-7 TRK Program News 10 SAT-7 PARS Channel Update 12 SAT-7 PARS Program News 14 SAT-7 KIDS Channel Update 16 SAT-7 KIDS Program News 18 SAT-7 ARABIC Channel Update 20 SAT-7 ARABIC Program News 22 Studio Update 24 SAT-7 Staff 25 SAT-7 Partners 26 Long-Term Goals 27 2015 Goals 28 Finances 30 International Council 31 SAT-7 USA Board of Directors CONTENTS Established in 1995 SAT7 today broadcasts in Arabic Farsi and Turkish using the powerful tools of uncensored satellite television and social media. Through multiple channels SAT7 ARABIC SAT7 PLUS SAT7 KIDS SAT7 PARS and SAT7 TRK it brings the hope of the Gospel to millions of viewers in the Middle East and North Africa and seeks to support the life and witness of the regions 17 million Christians. Front cover A SAT7 presenter Essam Nagy met 10 year old Myriam in a refugee camp in Kurdistan Iraq. She told her story and asked him to carry her message about forgiveness out to the world. Afterwards the video clip with Myriam went viral online. Watch the clip here httpsyoutu.bedzLXM_zo2e8. OUR VISION To see a growing church in the Middle East and North Africa confident in Christian faith and witness serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture. OUR MISSION To provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational informative and educational television services. 3 4 Thank you for your kingdom investment. For SAT-7 this was a year of change and some remarkable advances. Let me tell you more about whats happening in our ministry SAT7 TRK was awarded a broadcast license by the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council RTK and just a few hours before the end of the year was able to secure a television channel on the new government- regulated Trksat 4A satellite. This is first time that any Christian channel has been allowed onto Trksat. Beautiful new studios for SAT7 in Lebanon were dedicated in November by the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Raii. This greatly increases the capacity of the team in Lebanon to produce new programs for SAT7 ARABIC and SAT7 KIDS. SAT7 PARS appointed a new Executive Director Rev. Mansour Khajehpour. He replaced Sara Afshari who left to pursue her doctorate at the University of Edinburgh after investing a very significant 12 years building up SAT-7 PARS from a few hours a week of broadcasting to a full 247 channel. As we look ahead to the coming year we have several goals investing in the future of the Church in the Middle East and North Africa. See pages 2627 to find out more. This Annual Report can only scratch the surface of all the good things that the Lord is doing across the different offices and channels but I do pray that you will be encouraged both by reading it and through your much appreciated strategic partnership with us. In His Love Dr. Terence Ascott Founder and CEO SAT7 LETTER FROM THE CEO 5 Shining brightly through the darkness is a beam of hope that presents Jesus Christ the Lightaccessible to tens of millions who cannot hear the Good News in any other way. The Middle East and North Africa are beset by conditions worse than anytime since World War II. ISIS is a barbaric part of the problem. Syria remains at war with itself counting over two hundred thousand dead. Iran is dangerous whatever the countrys intentions. Several Arab countries are borderline failed states. Refugees and internally displaced people number in the millions. Some 20 million children are not in school and face little hope of schooling anytime soona recipe for humanitarian disaster and a breeding ground for future radicalized recruits. Into this turmoil SAT-7 broadcasts Christian programming with messages of encouragement love tolerance morality and respect for life liberty and worship. This is not to be underestimated. In the West we simply do not understand what it is like to live daily under dark clouds of oppression stifled opportunity destruction or crushing despair. This annual report is simply a snapshot but it suggests how vital and effective SAT-7s ministry is for this moment in history. SAT-7 is positioned experienced and ableonly lacking more resources to introduce more people to the Light of the World. Thank you for your generous support for SAT-7s ministry of reconciliation touching Arab Persian and Turkish hearts. For Middle East HOPE Dr. Rex Rogers President SAT-7 North America LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 6 CHANNEL UPDATE 7 HISTORIC BREAKTHROUGH The potential TV audience for SAT-7 TRK is now over 50 million people As a result of Gods providenceand years of hard work the SAT-7 TRK channel acquired a TV broadcast license from the Turkish government on September 10 2014 approving it to air on the popular Trksat satellite. Regular programs on the new satellite officially launched on February 14 2015. Get the full story PRODUCTION ACHIEVEMENTS SAT-7 TRK produced 325 hours of new programming during 2014. These new programs keep viewers engaged and provide them with a variety of Christian topics to follow. LIVE FROM ISTANBUL SAT-7 TRK began airing a live news program allowing the audience to call in and offer feedback to presenters in real time. News programs are highly popular among Turks making this news broadcast important for attracting new viewers and shedding a Christian perspective on current affairs. IN NEED OF MORE STAFF Please pray the Istanbul studio can add to its current team of twenty full-time staff members. It is a continuing challenge for SAT-7 TRK to find the right technical staff editors cameramen producers and hosts because there are so few Christians in Turkey. NETWORK CONFERENCE There was record attendance at the SAT-7 annual Network 2014 Conference for partners and supporters. It was held in Izmir Turkey with over 250 people from twenty-five countries. Many also took part in vision trips to ancient biblical sites and a tour of the SAT-7 TRK studio in Istanbul. Due to the success of Network 2014 the conference was held at the same location in 2015. Left Melih Ekener Executive Director SAT7 TRK. Above Ilknur Bay Firat host on SAT7 TRK. 8 PROGRAM NEWS LIFE WITHOUT OBSTACLES Rabia Tufan an influential Christian in social justice and womens issues in Turkey presents Life Without Obstacles on SAT-7 TRK. She explains that one episode features a gifted blind artist whose beautiful drawings astonish viewersThe message is that we all have disabilities but that there is hope in every situation because we have hope in God. NICE TALK IN AZERI DIALECT SAT-7 TRK began airing Nice Talk its first program in the Azeri dialect spoken by26 million people in six countries. Presented by Aygn Camsun the worship sermons and testimonies are touching Azerbaijanis in their heart language. FOOTNOTES OF HISTORY Footnotes of History presents Turkeys rich biblical history including the Apostle Pauls ministry and the Seven Churches of Revelation. Erhan Yesilrmak and Marc Madrigal host this series uncovering stories of the Church Fathers and Church history. PROPHECY BOOKS IN THE HOLY BIBLE Christians who want to deepen their biblical knowledge are tuning in to Prophecy Books in the Holy Bible. Uur Sakesen a local pastor in Istanbul teaches viewers on this subject. ONE OF US Turkey is a crossroads between Europe and the Middle East hosting millions of refugees as well as a tiny but growing Christian minority. A new program called One ofUs shares biographies of people from diverse ethnicities living in Turkey aiming to build new bridges of friendship. From the program Nice Talk in Azeri dialect. Right On the set of the new Turk program Prophecy Books in the Holy Bible. SAT7 TRK VIEWER TESTIMONY I have been praying secretly like a Christian for twelve years. I always prayed to the Father Son and Holy Spirit. But I have never met any Christians at all. Now I watch you and I cannot believe my eyes. I give praises to God. Please help me to meet with local from Southern Turkey SAT7 TRK AUDIENCE RESPONSES BY METHOD 2014 SAT7 TRK YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS SAT7 TRK PEOPLE REACHED BY FACEBOOK 2014 87587 2013 44659 Facebook comments 70 Emails 9 Phone calls 21 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Thousands 2013 1070000 112000 2014 9 10 CHANNEL UPDATE RECOGNIZING SARA AFSHARI During July 2014 SAT-7 PARS wished Executive Director Sara Afshari a warm farewell as she pursued her doctoral studies full-time at the University of Edinburgh. CEO Dr. Terence Ascott said Over the past twelve years she has built up the channels staff funding programming and facilities in a way that no one could have predicted. A NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Meanwhile the team welcomed Rev. Mansour Khajehpour as the new Executive Director. Born in Mashhad Iran Rev. Khajehpour holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Tehran University and a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is joyfully pursuing a life calling to proclaim the Good News of Christ among Iranians. Get the full story REVITALIZING THE AUDIENCE RELATIONS DEPARTMENT Re-named the Audience and Public Relationships APR team SAT-7 PARS is improving interactionswith viewers and ways to measure the impact of programs with new staff members. TEACHERS CONFERENCE In October 2014 SAT-7 PARS hosted its fourth bi-annual Teachers Conference in the UK with overthirty leaders from different Iranian churches and organizations. The conference is designed to develop the biblical and theological strategy for SAT-7s Farsi language channel. Above Right Rev. Mansour Khajehpour Executive Director SAT-7 PARS Below Right Audience Relations Specialist SAT7 PARS YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS 2014 115319 2013 48959 2012 22502 SAT7 PARS PEOPLE REACHED BY FACEBOOK 250 200 150 100 50 0 Thousands 2012 249049 12135 11966 2013 2014 11 SAT7 PARS VIEWER TESTIMONY I am now 22 years old and have been addicted to drugs for the past six years. I had a dream of Jesus Christ and His love for me. A friend gave me a Bible and I began to read the Gospel of Matthew. It seemed to just be a story of Jesus life not the Word of God. One day a friend introduced me to SAT7 PARS and after watching some of the programs I realized that my Bible really is Gods Word. I have now put my faith in Jesus and am praying for Him to help me stop using drugs.woman from Northern Iran SAT7 PARS AUDIENCE RESPONSES BY METHOD 2014 SMS 21 Email 3 Phone calls 47 Facebook comments 21 Skype 2 Twitter 5 Other 1 12 PROGRAM NEWS Parastoo Portaheri left and Majid Akhavan right hosts of the childrens live show SMILE Magazine. Page 13 Shoaib and Maryam Ebadi hosts of Secret of Life Dari program. 13 BIG PLANS FOR SMALL PEOPLE Over half of the Farsi speaking world is under the age of 24 making childrens programs a beacon for the future of the region. The SMILE program for three to eight-year-old kids gained a sister program called SMILE Magazinefor nine to thirteen-year-old preteens. This serves the ministrys long-term goal of launching a 24-hour channel for Farsi speaking children. PRIORITIZING WOMENS MINISTRY SAT-7 PARS produced several new womens programs including second seasons of Dialogue and True Woman. The team also produced the first seasons of Experience and Fundamentals of Happiness a short comic drama with Rev. Saro Khachikian teaching Christian family ethics. These programs support the regions female audience who face both legal and social injustices. DARI DIALECT SHOW GOES LIVE Secret of Life a Dari dialect program for Afghans became a weekly live one-hour program. This live program encourages more viewers to interact with show presenters which is a welcome move since many Dari speaking Christians are isolated and seekers cannot easily find churches. CHANDELIER SEESSECOND SEASON The youth program Chandelier wasso popular that a second series of forty episodes was produced. This is a very attractive influential and well-written social impact program. SHINING A LIGHT ON PERSECUTION In December 2014 SAT-7 PARS produced a new program titled The Suffering Church with Rev. Edward Hovsepian and Rev. Albert Aslan. Both pastors have a long history of leading the persecuted church of Iran. This program shows Gods presence and church growth in the midstof suffering. 14 CHANNEL UPDATE MEETING SPECIAL NEEDS In the Middle East there is less social awareness and fewer accommodations for people with disabilities. In February 2014 the SAT-7 Lebanon studio received a visit from The Blessed School whose students have special needs such as Autism Downs Syndrome and learning disabilities. SAT-7 later visited the school to film a performance the kids put on for their mothers and installed a satellite dish so the children can watch SAT-7 KIDS. Find out more ON-AIR SCHOOL FOR SYRIAN REFUGEES According to UN figures there are now more than 20 million Arab children out of school. In response to this need SAT-7 KIDS created a daily school on-air to provide basic education and bring hope to the millions of Syrian and Iraqi children displaced by war. SAT-7 producers partnered with Heart for Lebanon to prepare an Arabic English and Math curriculum. Get the full story SMALL FAN VISITS SAT-7 EGYPT Some of the tiniest SAT-7 viewers are also the most devoted like Fares a three-year-old Egyptian boy. His parents Fady and Marian are so enthusiastic about their sons love for the channel that they drove more than an hour to visit the SAT-7 studio in Cairo. Fady says watching SAT-7 KIDS has been a way to run away from all the noise around us. BECAUSEGODISLOVE SAT-7 made a campaign on social media titled BecauseGodIsLove. The campaign sends a message of love to those who are in pain reminding the world that GOD is LOVE. The Facebook page has attracted almost 18000 likes. ESSAM MEETS IRAQI REFUGEES Essam Nagy presenter of Why is That visited displaced Iraqi children at a refugee camp in Kurdistan in December. Essam was struck bythe warm welcome the SAT-7 crew received. He said The moment we entered the camp the kids came running and took me by the hand and we sat talked prayed and laughed. He interviewed a number of youngsters about what they went through as their community came under attack by Islamic State militants. A ten-year-old girl Myriam whose family had been forced from their home told Essam that she will ask God to forgive IS. 15 The video clip featuring Myriam went on to reach millions of people through social media with the hashtag PrayForMyriam. Get the full story See Myriams video for yourself Right The Fun Farm program. Below Essam Nagy presenter of Why is That together with an Iraqi boy at a refugee camp in Kurdistan. See Essams interview with this Iraqi boy 16 PROGRAM UPDATE STORIES IN THE SAND An innovative program on SAT7 KIDS tells Bible parables using the creative talents of Egypts first- ever sand artist. In Stories in the Sand artist Michael Romany brings parables to life by hand-designing sand on a glass-lit box. See an episode here BIBLE HEROES Children love heroes and the Bible has the best Thats why SAT7 KIDS launched a game show called Bible Heroes. In each episode presenters Ayzar from Aleppo Syria and Karen from Lebanon introduce a story about a hero in the Bible. Viewers phone in to answer quiz questions. Find out more CHILDS ON-AIR PRAYER IS AN INSPIRATION Sometimes the most sincere words come from the mouth of a child. Viewers were touched in the fall when ten-year-old Egyptian believer Mario called the program Why Is That to pray. Marios compassion led him to share his burden for Iraqis who continue to face daily horrific violence a poor economy and a failing infrastructure. See the prayer here FRESH FILMING FOR BEDTIME STORIES SAT-7 recorded new episodes of our childrens program Bedtime Stories keeping viewers both little and grown engaged with Gods Word. Bedtime Stories is one of the longest running and most popular programs on SAT7. Children from Morocco to Iraq have grown up watching presenter Rita Elmounayer teach stories from the Bible. BEIRUT MALL VISIT Over Christmas SAT7 KIDS had four live programs with refugee children broadcast from a mall in Beirut. Many of the kids have suffered greatly this past year. SAT7 KIDS staff spent the day with them brought them gifts and sang with them. Ayzar left and Karen right presenters in the game show Bible Heroes. 17 SAT7 KIDS YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS 2014 1274554 2013 784189 2012 358489 SAT7 KIDS PEOPLE REACHED BY FACEBOOK 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Millions 2012 661321 1006523 2013 2014 5639305 SAT7 KIDS AUDIENCE RESPONSES BY METHOD 2014 Facebook comments 77 Emails 14 Phone calls 4 Website messages 3 Letters 18 CHANNEL UPDATE STANDING UP FOR WOMENS RIGHTS In October three short films produced by SAT7 drew awards at the Youssef Chahine Film Festival and the Dialogue Without Walls Competition in Egypt as well as the Nouakchott Film Festival in Mauritania. The filmsBraids A Harmonic Film and A Dress Film all raised awareness of womens issues in the Arab World. SOCIAL MEDIA MILESTONES The SAT7 ARABIC YouTube channel drew over 1 million new views during the month of October On December 1 the channel crossed a new milestone of 20 million lifetime YouTube views. In June 2014 the SAT7 ARABIC Facebook page broke a new recordthe monthly posts exceeded 3 million views MAJOR EVENTS ON YOUTUBE LIVE On September 2 after installing new high definition HD cameras in the Upper Room Studio in Cairo the SAT7 ARABIC channel went LIVE in HD on YouTube for the first time. As SAT7 airs major events millions of people who cannot travel to attend these in person can now enjoy following them live from home. This groundbreaking development carries SAT7 programs to any location with an internet or smart device connection throughout the world. Following the New Opportunity Concert in Cairo a mother of two expressed her thanks writing TO SAT-7 WHO PRESENTS GODS PRESENCE TO THOSE WHO CANT ATTEND. CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY The challenge of transmitting the signal from a live event outside the studio to the uplink site was traditionally solved by hiring expensive time on a satellite. The signal is now sent over the Internet using the combined signals of several cell phones saving SAT7 tens of thousands of dollars. 19 Far Left One Thing Worship Concert. Left Rita Elmounayer SAT7 Arabic Channels Executive Director. Above The short film Braids produced by SAT7 won awards at different film festivals in October 2014. 20 PROGRAM UPDATE WARS AND FAITH SAT7 Lebanon produced and aired Wars and Faith during July 2014. In the series renowned Presenter Hiyam Abou Chedid interviewed Lebanese presidential candidates concerning matters of personal faith and their part in Lebanons war-torn history. The series was so popular that another top broadcaster in Lebanon acquired and aired it. A FEAST OF EASTER WORSHIP SAT7 ARABIC celebrated the resurrection by broadcasting a variety of Easter worship services from across the region beginning with a special family prayer night from Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo. BRIDGES IN THE EGYPT PRESS The current affairs program Bridges made headlines in Egypt during 2014. Two newspapers applauded the rare footage captured by the Bridges team in northern Iraq and another published an article complimenting a Bridges episode on social issues. VISITING IRAQI REFUGEES A film crew including Senior Producer Sherif Wahba Programming Manager George Makeen and Producer and Presenter Essam Nagy traveled to northern Iraq to record Christmas programs under the title Jesus Tent. Among their own tents in the camp refugees had set up a manger scene in a tent they dedicated to Jesus. The film crew recorded interviews with the refugees and meditations with different local priests. CHRISTMAS IN KUWAIT The We Will Sing program held a series of four concerts in Kuwait celebrating Christmas and New Year. The concerts were a big success with 1000 attendees YOUTH IN THE PROPOSITION SEAT Produced by VCI and broadcast by SAT7 If is a competition show attracting young adults. Contestants are sure to squirm in the proposition seat as Presenter Rhonda Arida a well-known Jordanian singer poses ethical questions to them. Jesus tent in a refugee camp Iraq. 21 SAT7 ARABIC VIEWER TESTIMONY Its snowing outside freezing outside TV is on. All my family members together with some neighbors who joined us are waiting for My Church in Algeria which will run in a few minutes. Today its a special episode for Christmas Nobody moved until it finished... We watched the service and at the same time we downloaded it so we can watch it again later or share it with people.young lady from Algeria SAT7 ARABIC AUDIENCE RESPONSES BY METHOD 2014 Facebook comments 75 Emails 3 Website Messages 22 21 3 STUDIOS UPDATE BEIRUT LEBANON SAT7 International partners and staff celebrated the grand opening of a multi-studio building for SAT7 Lebanon in November 2014. The ceremony took place under the patronage of the Patriarch of the Maronite Church. Deputies from the Lebanese parliament government and military officials and church leaders from different denominations were also in attendance. SAT7 Lebanon was established in 1996 and was the networks first production center. Initially the facility had only 1076 square feet of studio space. The new building has three studio spaces with a total area of almost 10763 square feet CAIRO EGYPT Thanks to the generosity of a few donors SAT-7 Egypt has acquired a new Outside Broadcast OB Van and a new facility generator eliminating production slowdowns during Cairos frequent power cuts. The office has already started to use the cameras at the studio while the outfitting of the OB Van is being finalized. Some of the other new equipment has also been set up for use in the Upper Room Studio during live and pre-recorded program production. This will enable SAT7 Egypt to utilize both its video studios and go live six times a week eventually going live eleven times a week. As soon as the new OB Van is ready it will be used for broadcasting both live programs from various locations around Egypt and programs from inside the SAT7 studios. The audio room at the studio has also undergone a dramatic renovation improving both the space and professional functionality of the room. ISTANBUL TURKEY In 2014 SAT-7 TRK was broadcasting exclusively online. The team launched its first live show and made preparations for the launch of the satellite TV channel which took place early in 2015. Because of the generosity of our donors SAT-7 TRK was able to New Beirut Lebanon studio. 23 5 5 4 4 2 1 3 LONDON UK ISTANBUL TURKEY BEIRUT LEBANON CAIRO EGYPT LIMASSOL CYPRUS purchase much needed equipment in 2014 including a generator. The studio still needs additional equipment including a media server. LIMASSOL CYPRUS The number of live shows from the Limassol studio has increased from three to four. There is now no more space available for new program sets in order to increase weekly production so new premises are being considered. Five series of recorded programs were also produced at the studio during 2014. LONDON UK Live shows were broadcast five days a week from the London studio during 2014. SAT-7 PARS has hired new Audience Relations staff to handle the increasing calls and messages from viewers. A SAT-7 PARS studio is located in London because it is not feasible to operate a Christian television studio in Iran where Christians are relentlessly persecuted for their faith some imprisoned and even murdered. SAT-7 STUDIO LOCATIONS 24 STAFF GLOBAL STAFFING By the end of 2014 SAT7 had 178 staff members in ten different locations six of them were seconded staff sent from SAT7 Partners 45 percent of the staff were female and 55 percent were male. The staff came from 22 different countries Lebanon Egypt Syria Iran Tunisia Palestine Turkey Iraq Bulgaria USA Denmark Sweden Finland South Africa Australia UK Cyprus France The Netherlands Albania Ukraine and Uzbekistan. SAT7 also worked with 86 freelancers and volunteers through 2014 in the production of programs and in specialized positions in the International Office. SAT7 is always in need of new talented staff. We need people from the region with specific skills or onscreen talents or Westerners with skills that can be used in the International Office. I love working for SAT7 because it cares for those in and out of Christ I love it because it has the power to reach out to men and women adults and children in the MENA whatever their race and religious background without being offensive or defensive this uniting humans around the myriad wonders of Christ. Juliana Sfeir Special Project Manager and Executive Producer at SAT-7 Lebanon 25 PARTNERS SAT7s Partner organizations and churches are a vital part of the ministry and contribute essential resources to maximize the effectiveness of the mission. Our Partners not only assist with much needed financing but many also help provide key staff members programming training telephone counseling services as well as other assets and services essential to the ministry. The Partners of SAT7 meet annually to review progress policies and organizational changes approve accounts plans and budgets and elect voting representatives to the SAT7 International Council. If you would like more information on becoming a SAT7 Partner please contact us using this email The Bible Society of Egypt representing The United Bible Society Crossings Community Church USA The Danish Bible Society Denmark Danish European Mission Denmark Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission FELM Finland Finnish Lutheran Mission FLM Finland Hilfsaktion Maertyrerkirche HMK Germany IBRA Media Sweden Icelandic Lutheran Mission Iceland InterAct Sweden International Ministries of American Baptist Churches USA Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church Egypt Life Agape International France The Lighthouse Church Kuwait Messengers Finland Mission Afrika Denmark National Evangelical Church in Kuwait Common Council Norea Mediemisjon Norway Normisjon Norway Norwegian Mission Society NMS Norway Paul Mission International Korea Pentecostal Assemblies of Switzerland Switzerland Saron Church Sweden South African Action for World Evangelism SAAWE South Africa Swedish Evangelical Mission SEMEFS Sweden Trail Christian Fellowship USA OFFICIAL PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS 26 LONG-TERM GOALS 1. TO MAKE THE GOSPEL AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST NORTH AFRICA MENA especially to those who would never otherwise have the opportunity to hear it and to CHILDREN who are the least reached but most important audience and the main hope for change in tomorrows MENA. There are 150 million children in the MENA region under the age of 16 WOMEN who remain generally isolated from the Gospel and whose potential for influence has always been under-estimated The ILLITERATE whose only source of uncensored information is satellite TV Those in CLOSED HOMES in closed countries who may never even have met a Christian before. 2. TO ENCOURAGE SUPPORT AND EMPOWER THE CHURCH IN ITS LIFE WORK AND WITNESS FOR CHRIST especially in areas of political turmoil and Christian persecution and to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal church growth discipleship and social change in the fast changing MENA region. 27 2015 GOALS 1. TAKE QUALITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL ON ALL CHANNELS with a special focus on more programs for SAT7 TRK to maximize the special new opportunity of broadcasting on Trksat. See page 6. Special attention will also be given to issues of program scheduling and audience relations. 2. FORM DEEPER CONNECTIONS WITH TEENS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA since they are most open to change and are the best hope for changing the Middle East of tomorrow. This goes beyond a TV Everywhere initiative and is responsive to the ongoing and fast-changing opportunities in this field. 3. BEGIN ON-AIR EDUCATION FOR MILLIONS OF CHILD REFUGEES and internally displaced children whose schooling has been cut short by war in Iraq and Syria. These children are at high risk of being abused sold and radicalized. They need to be equipped with basic educational and life skills and given HOPE. See page 14. 4. INVEST IN THE FUTURE WITH NEW STAFF PROCESSES AND INFRASTRUCTURE positioning SAT-7 to reach millions more by 2016. This will help the ministry provide different audiences with an excellent experience when they seek help or counsel from SAT7. 28 2014 began positively as we enjoyed a record-setting income in 2013 and were able to carry a positive balance of almost 2.2 million into the new year. Income for 2014 was over 14.8 million including gifts in kind which was 300000 over our core budget. New programs and initiatives have continued to grow. SAT7 TRK is also airing on a new TV satellite provider potentially doubling the combined SAT7 viewing audience size. This was a miracle in many ways but there are some added costs especially for influential live programs. Overall giving has not kept pace with current budgets and SAT-7 is in need of additional funding to continue reaching more people. Your involvement is critical to sustain this strategic ministry serving a growing audience. FINANCES All figures are in USD and have been rounded to simplify the reading of financial data. Consolidated financial statements and detailed audited accounts for the different legal entities of SAT7 are available on request. SAT7 ANNUAL INCOME 19962014 2015 PROJECTED 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2 0 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Projected income 2015 15600000 US dollars millions 1996 29 ALL EXPENSES 2014 EXPENSES BY CHANNEL Management and General Administration 1421000 9 Fundraising 1287000 8 Program 13505000 83 SAT-7 USA END OF YEAR NET ASSETS 1759381 SAT-7 TRK 1961000 12 SAT-7 KIDS 2576000 16 SAT-7 ARABIC 8008000 49 SAT-7 PARS 3668000 23 Total Expenditure 16213000 Total Income 14457000 Financial overages due to new satellite opportunities initiatives and needed funding. 30 INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL Dr. Terence Ascott SAT-7 Founder and CEO Rev. Dr. Habib Badr SAT-7 International Council Chairman Senior Pastor National Evangelical Church of Beirut and lecturer in church history at the Near East School of Theology Rev. Dr. Safwat El Baiady SAT-7 International Council Vice-Chairman Retiring President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the General Secretary of the Synod of the Nile Makram Barsoum Acting Chairman SAT7 Canada Dr. Mike Bassous General Secretary The Lebanese Bible Society Representing The United Bible Society Melih Ekener Executive Director for SAT7 TRK Rita Elmounayer Executive Director for SAT7s Arabic Channels David Ezzine SAT7 Partners Representative Irn Frnd SAT7 CFO Billy Hellmark Chairman SAT7 Partnership Council Fr. Dr. Michel Jalakh General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches MECC Tamar Karasu Executive Secretary The Bible Society of Turkey Chairperson of SAT7 TRK Board Roy Kemp SAT-7 International Council Treasurer Chairman SAT-7 Trust in UK Rev. Mansour Khajehpour Executive Director for SAT7 PARS His Grace Bishop Marcos Coptic Orthodox Bishop for the Diocese of Shoubra El Kheima in Cairo Egypt David Middleton Executive Director for SAT7 TRK in UK Rev. Timo Reuhkala Chairman SAT7 Europe Board Archbishop Sebouh Sarkissian Armenian Archbishop of Tehran Archbishop Paul Sayah Vicar General to the Maronite Patriarch Peter B. Schulze Chairman SAT7 USA Board Venerable Canon Bill Schwartz OBE The Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf Rev. Ashton T. Stewart Chairman SAT-7 PARS Board Brother Ziya SAT-7 International Council Secretary Turkish academic and writer Not pictured Archbishop Avak Asadourian General Secretary Council of Christian Church Leaders in Iraq Rev. Dr. Merhdad Fatehi Founder and Executive Director Pars Theological College Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim Metropolitan of Aleppo Syrian Orthodox Church Dr Moez Professor of Philosophy Church Pastor in a North African country Caroline Tautz Vice President of an international news agency slaug Ihle Thingns SAT7 Partners Representative 31 SAT-7 USA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Peter B. Schulze Chair Chairman SGI Global Investments Texas Mr. James C. Blankemeyer Vice-chair Founder Chairman Metokote Corporation Tennessee Ms. Phyllis W. Smith Treasurer Trustee Maurice H. Masland Trusts Kentucky Mr. Gary Nagel Founder Wealth Management Group Kansas Mr. Mark W. Schifferdecker President CEO Girard National Bank Kansas Rev. Dr. Habib Badr Senior Pastor National Evangelical Church of Beirut Lebanon Mr. David L. Jones Vice President of Corporate Affairs CFO Luis Palau Association LPA Oregon Mr. Alan Loeffler Chairman Federal Corporation Oklahoma Mr. John Sharp Executive Director The Blankemeyer Foundation Florida Ex-Officio Members Dr. Terence Ascott Founder and CEO SAT-7 Dr. Rex Rogers President SAT-7 USA PO Box 2770 Easton MD 21601 410-770-9804 Toll free 866-744-7287 SAT7USA Satellite Television Transforming the Middle East through Hope in Jesus Christ